Stars - a space trip

Join us on a journey into space!

Since 1976, the Pygmy Theater has worked with puppet theater. We were pioneers in modern shadow theater in Sweden! We mostly tell children. About horrors and wonders, and about the difficulty of growing as a human being. Sometimes poetic, sometimes drastic, but always with warmth and usually with humor. Over the years, our design language has been developed and refined into a style of its own - a combination of pure acting roles, dolls, shadows, masks and music. Together with the ingenious scenography, light and music, this professional children's theater will be of a class loved by children all over the world and which has won countless awards at international festivals.

from SEK 11,500.00

Vegagatan 17, 113 29 Stockholm, Sweden
Shadow play theater in Stockholm
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Join us on a journey into space!
Meet Big Bear, Orion, White Dwarfs and Red Giants ...
See how the pole star helped the Vikings navigate the world's oceans.
See how the dung beetle finds its way home across the desert with its big food ball.

What do stars consist of, how far away are they?
They have always been included in our songs and stories.
Our space adventure is full of song, dance and marvelous facts.

Welcome aboard!

Age: From 3 years
Length of the play: about 30 minutes

Idea & Direction: Agneta Ehrensvärd
Set design: Sten Wallin
Costume: Matilda Hyttsten
Sound & light: Michael Koitzsch
On stage: Åse Nelson

Audience: Max 80 children
Room: Must be darkened
Electricity: 10 amp earthed socket
Playing surface: Width 6 m, depth 5 m. Ceiling height 2.6 m
Construction / demolition time: 1.5 hours
Carrying aid: Yes!

Prices: Accommodation and area for 2 people will be added.

from SEK 11,500.00
Stars - A space trip
30 minutes
Free of charge at any time
At the activity provider
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