Terms and conditions

Thank you for using uppliv. uppliv is provided by uppliv, c / o Benjamin Schubert, Schellenstr. 21, 8708, Switzerland, email: benjamin@uppliv.com.
Use of uppliv requires that you agree to these Terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.
uppliv may be used by you to search for, find and reserve a local service (an "Offer") offered by a local activity provider (an "Activity Provider"). An Activity Provider Offer may be offered by the Activity Provider or by third parties (e. g. tour operators). Activity providers and third parties are each referred to as "service providers". Service Providers are not a party to this agreement and are not vicarious agents for uppliv's provision of the service.
Warranty and Disclaimer. We provide our services in a commercially reasonable manner and hope that you enjoy using them. However, the scope of our services is limited.
uppliv is not involved in the provision of the Activity Provider Offer and, therefore, without proper knowledge, cannot warrant: (A) the reliability or performance of any Service Provider; (B) the safety, quality, accuracy, reliability, comprehensiveness or legality of any Activity Provider Offer; or (C) the truth or accuracy of any description of any Activity Provider Offer or other information displayed, disseminated or offered by any Service Provider through the Service.
Verification of Activity Provider Information. uppliv has no obligation to verify any information provided by Activity Providers and does not warrant that such information is accurate. It is your responsibility to verify the identity, qualifications and status of the activity provider.
Age Restrictions. To use the Service, you must be able to enter into a legally binding contract. You may not use the Service if you are a person who is legally prevented from using the Service under the laws of the country in which you reside or from which you access the Service.
Terms for Activity Provider Offers. In addition to the Terms, each Activity Provider Offer is also subject to any additional terms and conditions that may be included at the time you reserve the Activity Provider Offer. The Service Provider may also impose its own terms and conditions. Your reservation or use of an Activity Provider Offer requires acceptance of the Terms and acceptance of the additional terms and conditions of the Activity Provider and/or Planner (collectively, the "Activity Provider Offer Terms").
Purchasing an Activity Provider Offer. If you reserve an Activity Provider Offer, you agree, in accordance with the Activity Provider Offer Terms, to purchase that Activity Provider Offer from the Activity Provider. Therefore, read the description of the Activity Provider Offer carefully before making the reservation. In the description of its Activity Provider Offer, a Service Provider may also communicate rebooking and cancellation policies that limit your ability to postpone or cancel the Activity Provider Offer without penalty.
Activity Provider Offers are provided by Participating Activity Providers and third parties. uppliv does not offer or sell these Activity Provider Offers. The Activity Provider is solely responsible for the terms and conditions of Activity Provider Offerings and for the provision of all Activity Provider Offerings booked through the Service.
Payment is to be made to the Service Provider in accordance with the Activity Provider Offer. uppliv is not involved in the payment processing.
Service Provider Responsibility. uppliv is not a party to the contract between you and the Service Provider. You are therefore not entitled to involve uppliv in any litigation or other dispute arising out of or related to any booking or agreement with any Service Provider or other third party in connection with the Service.